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Joan K. Lippincott CNI Digital Scholarship Planning Webina.. 14K 11-Aug
Cliff Lynch Summary of February 2020 NLM Workshop o.. 2920 07-Aug
Cliff Lynch Report on Intersection of Humanities an.. 3391 07-Aug
Cliff Lynch OCLC Research Library Partnership Webin.. 1327 07-Aug
Cliff Lynch Summary and Recordings from National Ac.. 1414 04-Aug
Cliff Lynch Controlled Digital Lending - Update on .. 2331 30-Jul
Cliff Lynch IMLS Grant Awarded to Support National .. 1698 30-Jul
Cliff Lynch OCLC Paper on LInked Data for Archives.. 1266 28-Jul
Beth Secrist Jen Liu and Jake Tompkins Receive Paul .. 39K 23-Jul
Cliff Lynch LC Labs Report by Prof Ryan Cordell on .. 1353 22-Jul
Cliff Lynch AIP report on COVID-19 Impact on the Ph.. 1226 22-Jul
Cliff Lynch Case for Sustained Strategic Investment.. 2856 10-Jul
Cliff Lynch ITHAKA S+R on Research Continuity -- Bl.. 1240 08-Jul
Diane Goldenberg-Hart NDSA 2020 Innovation Awards 22K 08-Jul
Cliff Lynch Webinar: Post COVID-19 Pro.. 1744 07-Jul
Cliff Lynch Webinar on Recent NAS report: Lifecycle.. 1581 07-Jul
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Lynch Webinars on Research Continuity &.. 7502 11-Jun
Cliff Lynch Report of National Academies Committee .. 2149 09-Jun
Cliff Lynch EDUCAUSE Letter to Congress on Student .. 4308 09-Jun
Cliff Lynch Report from Spring 2020 Executive Round.. 2238 05-Jun
Beth Secrist FINAL VIDEOS: Virtual Meeting Closing P.. 7635 04-Jun
Beth Secrist VIDEOS: Preserving New Forms of Scholar.. 10K 28-May
Beth Secrist VIDEOS: HathiTrustís COVID-19 Response,.. 18K 21-May
Cliff Lynch Report from April 2020 Executive Roundt.. 1869 20-May
Beth Secrist REMINDER: Paul Evans Peters Fellowship .. 4418 18-May
Beth Secrist VIDEOS: Global Registry of Digitized Wo.. 12K 14-May
Diane Goldenberg-Hart JCDL 2020 (virtual) Registration Open 6199 11-May
Beth Secrist VIDEOS: Academic library response to CO.. 13K 07-May
Beth Secrist VIDEOS: Technology Continuity, UX Cultu.. 23K 30-Apr
Joan K. Lippincott Designing Libraries for the 21st Centur.. 24K 29-Apr
Cliff Lynch Free Youtube Conference, "New Technolog.. 4829 29-Apr
Cliff Lynch Some recent reports and other material .. 5396 24-Apr
Diane Goldenberg-Hart VIDEOS: Grey Literature Discoverability.. 29K 23-Apr
Diane Goldenberg-Hart VIDEOS: Open Values Statement, Inclusiv.. 20K 16-Apr
Cliff Lynch Postponing July Jisc and CNI leaders co.. 1398 15-Apr
Beth Secrist Call for Applicants: Paul Evan Peters F.. 12K 14-Apr
Diane Goldenberg-Hart New Videos: RDM Skills, Digital Scholar.. 14K 08-Apr
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Help advance library publishing infrast.. 12K 07-Apr
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Plenary Videos: Cultural Heritage Resea.. 9072 03-Apr
Cliff Lynch Ithaka Library Survey 4130 03-Apr
Cliff Lynch Hathi Trust Reseach Center Call for Pro.. 2122 03-Apr
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Additional Project Briefing Pr.. 9K 01-Apr
Cliff Lynch Emerging Technologies and Research Libr.. 2227 26-Mar
Cliff Lynch Cancelling San Diego Member Meeting Mar.. 5031 10-Mar
Cliff Lynch COVID-19 and CNI's Upcoming Spring Memb.. 3257 03-Mar
Joan K. Lippincott 2020 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report 6274 02-Mar
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Final Videos & Slides from CNI's Dec. M.. 28K 02-Mar
Cliff Lynch Workshop on Reproducibility, Haverford .. 2644 18-Feb
Cliff Lynch Huge Data Workshop, Chicago, IL, April .. 6191 18-Feb
Cliff Lynch All European Academies (ALLEA) Report o.. 1135 18-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart 2020 Library Publishing Directory now a.. 12K 18-Feb
Cliff Lynch Plenary Talks at March 2020 CNI Member .. 3237 18-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Jisc/CNI Keynote Speakers Announced; Re.. 6833 14 Feb, 20
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Data Curation Network & Accessi.. 19K 12 Feb, 20
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Born-digital Preservation, Voic.. 19K 10 Feb, 20
Cliff Lynch CNI Spring Meeting Satellite Workshop: .. 2735 05 Feb, 20
Cliff Lynch US National Library of Medicine Curatio.. 1051 05 Feb, 20
Cliff Lynch Material from "Archives, Access and AI".. 1153 04 Feb, 20
Cliff Lynch Update on the Keepers Registry 1281 04 Feb, 20
Cliff Lynch Report from Critical Roles of Libraries.. 1244 04 Feb, 20
Joan K. Lippincott Digital Initiatives Symposium Registrat.. 15K 03 Feb, 20
Cliff Lynch Francine Berman to Recieve CNI Paul Eva.. 9533 03 Feb, 20
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Final Call: Proposals for CNI Spring 20.. 6237 30 Jan, 20
Joan K. Lippincott EDUCAUSE Top 10 IT Issues 2020 7219 28 Jan, 20
Cliff Lynch OSTP Request for Comments on Data Repos.. 1241 22 Jan, 20
Diane Goldenberg-Hart REMINDER: Proposals Due for CNI Spring .. 6521 21 Jan, 20
Diane Goldenberg-Hart ARL-CNI Fall Forum Report: Research Lib.. 6898 14 Jan, 20
Diane Goldenberg-Hart SCS20 CFP - Strategies for Transitionin.. 10K 10 Jan, 20
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Proposals, CNI Spring '20 Meet.. 9042 09 Jan, 20
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Video: AI: Impacts & Roles for Libraries 12K 08 Jan, 20
Cliff Lynch Computational Archival Science Symposiu.. 1212 06 Jan, 20
Joan K. Lippincott ETD2020 (Electronic Theses and Disserta.. 24K 06 Jan, 20
Cliff Lynch Archives, Access & AI Conference, Londo.. 2034 03 Jan, 20
Cliff Lynch Hold the Date: Personal Digital Archivi.. 1046 03 Jan, 20
Cliff Lynch 4th Digital Data in Biodiversity Conf, .. 2867 03 Jan, 20
Cliff Lynch Material From Library of Congress Prese.. 1118 03 Jan, 20
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Video: Forgetting & Being Forgotten, Cl.. 10K 02 Jan, 20
Cliff Lynch Recounting Algorithms Workshop, Toronto.. 6198 21 Dec, 19
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Video: CNI Fall 2019 Meeting Opening Pl.. 9233 19 Dec, 19
Cliff Lynch 2019-2020 CNI Program Plan Available on.. 1152 09 Dec, 19
Joan K. Lippincott JIsc and CNI Leaders Conference - Regis.. 6653 05 Dec, 19
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CNI Seeks Communications Coordinator (p.. 38K 05 Dec, 19
Joan K. Lippincott Library Assessment Conference 2020 Call.. 53K 04 Dec, 19
Joan K. Lippincott LSC National Colloquium - Spaces that W.. 151K 04 Dec, 19
Diane Goldenberg-Hart NIH Webinar on Draft NIH Policy for Dat.. 32K 03 Dec, 19
Cliff Lynch Three Interesting Reads 2827 03 Dec, 19
Cliff Lynch Roadmap for the December 2019 CNI Membe.. 163K 02 Dec, 19
Joan K. Lippincott Horizon Report - call for exemplar proj.. 10K 15 Nov, 19
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Proposals - Open Repositories .. 30K 14 Nov, 19
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Web Archiving Conference (WAC) 2020: Ca.. 34K 13 Nov, 19
Cliff Lynch NIH Call for Comments on Data Managemen.. 3497 13 Nov, 19
Cliff Lynch National Finding Aids Network Action Pl.. 3706 06 Nov, 19
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Peters Award Nominations DUE FRIDAY 8735 04 Nov, 19
Cliff Lynch Fantastic Futures: Libraries and AI con.. 3204 26 Oct, 19
Cliff Lynch Knowledge Exchange Book on Economy of O.. 3861 26 Oct, 19
Joan K. Lippincott Call for Proposals: Digital Initiatives.. 20K 25 Oct, 19
Cliff Lynch Report on Research Challenges in Post-Q.. 1944 19 Oct, 19
Cliff Lynch JISC-commissioned DEMOS Research 4.0 In.. 1577 19 Oct, 19
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Library Publishing Forum Call for Propo.. 12K 18 Oct, 19
Cliff Lynch Paul Evan Peters Award: Call for Nomina.. 4265 14 Oct, 19
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