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Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Textbook Revolution; Research D.. 8957 27-Apr
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Scholarly Record for Computatio.. 9426 25-Apr
Joan K. Lippincott Library Publishing Forum full program a.. 7111 18-Apr
Joan K. Lippincott Linked Open Data in Cultural Heritage W.. 7074 18-Apr
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Applicants: Paul Evan Peters F.. 17K 14-Apr
Joan K. Lippincott Jisc/CNI Conference 2016: Int'l Advance.. 10K 11-Apr
Joan K. Lippincott Bucknell U. Digital Scholarship Confere.. 9K 29-Mar
Clifford Lynch Roadmap to Spring 2016 Member Meeting, .. 42K 28-Mar
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Library Assessment Conference 2016 Regi.. 12K 24-Mar
Clifford Lynch Keynote Sessions at CNI Spring Meeting,.. 7430 16-Mar
Clifford Lynch Workshop on Container Strategies for So.. 5090 15-Mar
Joan K. Lippincott University of San Diego Digital Initiat.. 27K 15-Mar
Clifford Lynch Accelerating Science: A Computing Resea.. 1450 14-Mar
Clifford Lynch Free Conference, "Science of Science", .. 965 14-Mar
Clifford Lynch survey on CRIS and IR use in Europe 1193 04-Mar
Clifford Lynch Santa Cruz Conference on 3d Modeling in.. 1044 04-Mar
Clifford Lynch Report on Software Sustainability 1001 04-Mar
Joan K. Lippincott 6th International m-Libraries conference 8456 04-Mar
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CNI Mtg Registration Reminder 6788 25-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Design Labs & Shared Research D.. 20K 25-Feb
Joan K. Lippincott NCSU Libraries Data Visualization Insti.. 43K 24-Feb
Clifford Lynch Brewster Kahle Public Lectures At Berke.. 7816 23-Feb
Clifford Lynch Report on Value of the European Bioinfo.. 6610 23-Feb
Clifford Lynch Personal Digital Archiving Registration.. 3876 23-Feb
Clifford Lynch EduPerson Revision to Include ORCID IDs 2222 23-Feb
Joan K. Lippincott Planning a Digital Scholarship Center -.. 21K 17-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Invitation from UT Austin, for Spring M.. 11K 16-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Last Call: CNI Proposals Due Friday! 9536 08-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Video: Emulation/Virtualization in Pres.. 18K 08-Feb
Joan K. Lippincott NMC Horizon Report 2016 Higher Educatio.. 16K 04-Feb
Joan K. Lippincott UK Higher Education Learning Space Tool.. 13K 04-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Hydra-in-a-Box & Data Science i.. 19K 02-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart REMINDER: Proposals Due for CNI Spring .. 9901 02-Feb
Joan K. Lippincott Planning a Digital Scholarship Center W.. 21K 01-Feb
Clifford Lynch Early Registration Closing for the Inte.. 6480 27-Jan
Clifford Lynch UK Report on Learning Analytics: "From .. 1184 27-Jan
Clifford Lynch JISC call for input: Visions of Educati.. 1110 27-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Interviews from CNI Fall Meeting 7070 26-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: BIBFRAME/Linked Data & New Tool.. 15K 22-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Gaming Metrics: Innovation & Surveillan.. 18K 19-Jan
Joan K. Lippincott Preservation & Archiving SIG meeting in.. 11K 18-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: High Resolution Walls & Linked .. 13K 15-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Proposals, CNI Spring Meeting 9206 14-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Digital Disserations & Big Data.. 12K 13-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Archaeology of Infrastructure &.. 12K 11-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Trust/Consumer Protection & His.. 10K 06-Jan
Clifford Lynch Video of bepress Conversation on Evolut.. 1435 05-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart NPR Story: "Digital Dark Ages?" 5040 04-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Pre-Print/Published Articles Co.. 7771 21-Dec
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Video: Is Gold Open Access Sustainable? 8937 18-Dec
Clifford Lynch Personal Digital Archiving report from .. 1239 17-Dec
Clifford Lynch The CNI 2015-2016 Program Plan 1518 17-Dec
Clifford Lynch EDUCAUSE ECAR-CCI Working Group Series .. 1617 11-Dec
Clifford Lynch Open Repositories 2016 Call for Proposa.. 28K 11-Dec
Joan K. Lippincott Invitation to contribute to Wikipedia -.. 15K 11-Dec
Clifford Lynch Roadmap to the Fall 2015 CNI Membership.. 51K 09-Dec
Joan K. Lippincott BitCurator User Forum 2016 4314 08-Dec
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Archiving 2016 Preliminary Program Rele.. 6465 04-Dec
Joan K. Lippincott Library Publishing Forum 2016 Call for .. 7018 04-Dec
Joan K. Lippincott ETD2016 Call for papers and posters 9K 04-Dec
Joan K. Lippincott LSC Workshop Alert: Designing and Deliv.. 42K 03-Dec
Clifford Lynch International Image Interoperability Fr.. 13K 26-Nov
Joan K. Lippincott 2016 Horizon Project Higher Education t.. 8441 25-Nov
Joan K. Lippincott Survey on Infocommons, Knowledge Common.. 8868 20-Nov
Clifford Lynch Julie Brill: Closing Keynote at Decembe.. 5542 19-Nov
Joan K. Lippincott 7th Annual Open Access Symposium at UNT.. 7255 18-Nov
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CNI Member Mtg Presentations: Titles Re.. 4167 13-Nov
Joan K. Lippincott Presentations from Designing Libraries .. 5413 30 Oct, 15
Clifford Lynch University of Michigan Data Science Sym.. 1260 27 Oct, 15
Joan K. Lippincott 2016 EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Key I.. 6325 27 Oct, 15
Clifford Lynch Personal Digital Archiving 2016 Call fo.. 10K 27 Oct, 15
Clifford Lynch Jisc/CNI report "The Journey towards Op.. 2099 23 Oct, 15
Joan K. Lippincott Register now for October 20th LSC Webin.. 93K 16 Oct, 15
Clifford Lynch Presentations from Library of Congress .. 1381 09 Oct, 15
Clifford Lynch Call for Case Studies on Data Ethics fr.. 1136 09 Oct, 15
Clifford Lynch Knowledge Exchange Report on European N.. 1319 09 Oct, 15
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Reminder & Hotel Update: CNI Fall Meeti.. 5790 08 Oct, 15
Clifford Lynch Ithaka Workshop: Managing and Organizin.. 6885 07 Oct, 15
Clifford Lynch OECD report "Making Open Science A Real.. 1023 28 Sep, 15
Clifford Lynch Research Data Issue of Journal of Libra.. 1186 28 Sep, 15
Joan K. Lippincott ACRL Virtual Meeting Digital Scholarshi.. 11K 28 Sep, 15
Joan K. Lippincott IPRES 2015 Registration is Open 14K 17 Sep, 15
Clifford Lynch CLIR Report Reviewing First Decade of C.. 8582 11 Sep, 15
Diane Goldenberg-Hart ARL Fall Forum to Explore Research Part.. 7511 10 Sep, 15
Clifford Lynch Personal Digital Archiving 2016: Ann Ar.. 1164 09 Sep, 15
Clifford Lynch Materials from March 18, 2015 McGill S.. 3145 09 Sep, 15
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Proposals, CNI Fall Meeting 4357 09 Sep, 15
Joan K. Lippincott Reinventing Makerspaces - LSC Webinar S.. 235K 08 Sep, 15
Joan K. Lippincott ELI Online Fall Focus Session 5945 31 Aug, 15
Joan K. Lippincott IMLS Learning in Libraries Focus Report 1795 28 Aug, 15
Joan K. Lippincott NMC Horizon Report - Library Edition 20.. 4460 28 Aug, 15
Clifford Lynch Report on Access to Born-Digital Archiv.. 3892 14 Aug, 15
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Video: Challenges Presented by Institut.. 9473 14 Aug, 15
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Video: Building Expertise to Support Di.. 8354 10 Aug, 15
Clifford Lynch Material from June 4, 2016 Web Archivi.. 1083 10 Aug, 15
Clifford Lynch PLoS ONE Paper on Sizing Discovery and.. 7274 06 Aug, 15
Clifford Lynch US National Strategic Computing Initiat.. 2002 06 Aug, 15
Clifford Lynch Jisc work on learning analytics code of.. 1650 06 Aug, 15
Joan K. Lippincott Designing Libraries IV Program and Spea.. 2133K 06 Aug, 15
Joan K. Lippincott NMC Survey on Online Professional Devel.. 4954 04 Aug, 15
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