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Diane Goldenberg-Hart Spring '19 Meeting Program (Sched) Now .. 7377 15-Mar
Cliff Lynch New JISC report on what data to keep an.. 1159 08-Mar
Joan K. Lippincott Web Privacy Forum - Project Update and .. 9820 06-Mar
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Archiving 2019 Registration Now Open 2500 05-Mar
Joan K. Lippincott Registration Deadline 3/14/19 for Digit.. 7693 04-Mar
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Reminder: CNI Registration Deadline TOM.. 4351 04-Mar
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CNI Fall 2018: Interviews, Videos, Slid.. 6438 28-Feb
Cliff Lynch Plenaries for Spring CNI Member Meeting.. 1820 21-Feb
Cliff Lynch IDCC 2020, Dublin Ireland Feb 17-20, 200 1431 21-Feb
Cliff Lynch Report from CNI/JISC July 2018 Roundtab.. 1318 21-Feb
Cliff Lynch University of Oklahoma AI/ML Projects R.. 1298 21-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Globus, Data Rescue Toolkit, Sh.. 11K 21-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Spring CNI Hotel Update 4773 18-Feb
Joan K. Lippincott Library Perspectives on the EDUCAUSE To.. 16K 13-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Privacy & Libraries, LOD & Spec.. 35K 13-Feb
Joan K. Lippincott Digital Initiatives Symposium at U. San.. 18K 06-Feb
Joan K. Lippincott ELI 7 Things - Accessibility Policy 9759 05-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Public Access Submission System.. 30K 05-Feb
Joan K. Lippincott CNI/ARL Digital Scholarship Planning Wo.. 6470 04-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Open Library of Humanities; Lib.. 25K 01-Feb
Joan K. Lippincott Libraries as Spaces for 21st Century Le.. 6228 31-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: CDL & Dryad, Moore-Sloan Data S.. 21K 29-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Last Call: CNI Proposals Due Next Monda.. 5746 28-Jan
Cliff Lynch Report of Joint ARL/SSRC Meeting on Ope.. 1482 25-Jan
Cliff Lynch AIDR 2019: Artificial Intelligence for .. 1199 25-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Scholarly Communication Institute - req.. 10K 24-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Blockchain, Selecting Data, & F.. 18K 23-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart REMINDER: Proposals Due for CNI Spring .. 4671 22-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: State of Digital Preservation &.. 15K 17-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Lippincott Article Earns Top-10 Ranking 4774 17-Jan
Joan K. Lippincott Registration open for CNI/ARL Digital S.. 7998 16-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart 2019 Scholarly Communication Symposium 5769 15-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Libraries/Museums/IT Collaborat.. 12K 14-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos: Library Futures in Research & T.. 9875 09-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Video: Brennan on NLM/NIH Discovery Thr.. 7033 07-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Proposals, CNI Spring Meeting 7518 07-Jan
Cliff Lynch Personal Digital Archiving 2019, Pittsb.. 1498 07-Jan
Cliff Lynch Two valuable publications on Research D.. 1641 20-Dec
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Video: Cliff Lynch "Responsible Steward.. 5875 18-Dec
Cliff Lynch CNI 2018 -2019 Progam Plan now available 1156 11-Dec
Joan K. Lippincott LIILA paper on learning analytics and l.. 11K 06-Dec
Cliff Lynch Roadmap for Fall 2018 Member Meeting, D.. 30K 04-Dec
Cliff Lynch Report on Library and IT Collaboration .. 1828 04-Dec
Cliff Lynch National Academies Report on Quantum Co.. 1935 04-Dec
Diane Goldenberg-Hart 2019 Library Publishing Directory now a.. 12K 30-Nov
Joan K. Lippincott Digital Initiatives Symposium - Call fo.. 7074 30-Nov
Cliff Lynch Ithaka paper "Scholars are collectors: .. 1120 28-Nov
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Library Publishing Forum CFP 10K 28-Nov
Cliff Lynch 2018 LC Meeting on Designing Storage Ar.. 1350 20-Nov
Cliff Lynch International DIgital Curation Conferen.. 1346 20-Nov
Cliff Lynch Measuring OA Monograph Useage -- call f.. 2652 20-Nov
Cliff Lynch Paper for comment: ARL, Wikimedia, and .. 1400 20-Nov
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CfP: Open Repositories 2019 17K 13-Nov
Joan K. Lippincott Data Science and Visualization Institut.. 19K 09-Nov
Cliff Lynch Brief Report on AAU-APLU Workshop on Ac.. 2293 01-Nov
Cliff Lynch PASIG meeting, Mexico City, Feb 12-14, .. 1880 01-Nov
Cliff Lynch Upcoming December Member Meeting Remind.. 2817 01-Nov
Cliff Lynch NIH Request for Information on Data Sha.. 1257 01-Nov
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Managing the Cultural Record in the Inf.. 4441 01-Nov
Cliff Lynch Ithaka report on State of Digital Prese.. 1418 31-Oct
Cliff Lynch Registration is now open for the IDCC 2.. 2538 30-Oct
Cliff Lynch Video from September 27-29, 2018 "Past,.. 1406 30-Oct
Joan K. Lippincott Interview with Tom Hickerson - 21st Cen.. 8198 29-Oct
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CNI at EDUCAUSE 2018 in Denver 4415 26-Oct
Joan K. Lippincott Digital Scholarship Planning Workshop -.. 6436 23-Oct
Cliff Lynch National Science Board Report on Mid-Sc.. 2092 17-Oct
Joan K. Lippincott How Students Engage with the News: PIL .. 3167 16-Oct
Joan K. Lippincott ELI 2019 Key Issues survey - please par.. 12K 16-Oct
Cliff Lynch MIT Draft of Grand Challenges Research .. 4396 15-Oct
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Save the Date for Open Repositories 202.. 15K 09-Oct
Cliff Lynch Call for Sustainability Support Applica.. 5469 02-Oct
Cliff Lynch Software Preservation Best Practices Re.. 1726 02-Oct
Cliff Lynch Copyright implications of the new North.. 1341 02-Oct
Diane Goldenberg-Hart REMINDER: Proposals Due for CNI Fall 20.. 9400 01-Oct
Cliff Lynch National Academies Study on NASA Open S.. 1549 01-Oct
Joan K. Lippincott Designing Libraries 2018 Presentations .. 4229 26-Sep
Joan K. Lippincott Learning Spaces Collaboratory Fall Sche.. 34K 25-Sep
Cliff Lynch VIdeos from August 2018 National Resear.. 1477 23 Sep, 18
Cliff Lynch NSF Idea Machine 2026 Competition 1086 23 Sep, 18
Joan K. Lippincott Designing Libraries conference 3917 20 Sep, 18
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Proposals, CNI Fall Meeting 6857 06 Sep, 18
Cliff Lynch CNI Executive Roundtable Report on Emai.. 1441 05 Sep, 18
Joan K. Lippincott Library Assessment Conference 2018 Earl.. 42K 29 Aug, 18
Joan K. Lippincott EDUCAUSE Review column 3092 29 Aug, 18
Diane Goldenberg-Hart iPRES 2018: Still Time to Register 7434 28 Aug, 18
Diane Goldenberg-Hart ARL-CNI Fall Forum on Creating a Cultur.. 17K 21 Aug, 18
Joan K. Lippincott Digitorium 2018 Conference 637K 16 Aug, 18
Joan K. Lippincott Horizon Report 2018 Higher Education Ed.. 7109 16 Aug, 18
Cliff Lynch New Report: The Future of Email Archives 1674 14 Aug, 18
Joan K. Lippincott Bucknell Digital Scholarship Conference.. 8098 14 Aug, 18
Joan K. Lippincott Open Education - 7 Things 12K 14 Aug, 18
Joan K. Lippincott Designing Libraries VII - Register now .. 14K 13 Aug, 18
Joan K. Lippincott Collections as Data Cohort 1 - Call for.. 7824 08 Aug, 18
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Jules & Augustaitis Receive Peters Fell.. 20K 07 Aug, 18
Cliff Lynch Report on Library Values and Privacy in.. 1630 03 Aug, 18
Joan K. Lippincott Exploring the Horizon Report | August 9 76K 26 Jul, 18
Joan K. Lippincott Learning Spaces Collaboratory Conferenc.. 7668 26 Jul, 18
Joan K. Lippincott An Ethical Framework for Library Publis.. 14K 24 Jul, 18
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Registration Open: ARL-CNI Forum on Cre.. 18K 23 Jul, 18
Joan K. Lippincott Jisc CNI Leaders Meeting Presentations .. 3893 20 Jul, 18
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