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Cliff Lynch Ithaka S+R Report on Big Data Infrastru.. 2317 2:00:00PM
Cliff Lynch Some valuable new EDUCAUSE materials 2156 2:00:00PM
Cliff Lynch NITRD: supplement to President's budget.. 4150 2:00:00PM
Cliff Lynch Pew Foundation Research Center Report ".. 1673 2:00:00PM
Cliff Lynch Roadmap for the Fall '21 CNI Member Mee.. 51K 29-Nov
CNI CGPLmgr Re: [CNI-ANNOUNCE] FORCE 2021 meeting:.. 26K 23-Nov
Cliff Lynch OCLC Report on Research Information Man.. 1953 22-Nov
Cliff Lynch FORCE 2021 meeting: virtually, Dec 7-9,.. 1377 22-Nov
Cliff Lynch NIST call for information on selected e.. 1361 22-Nov
Cliff Lynch World Digital Preservation Day and DPC'.. 4139 04-Nov
Cliff Lynch Sessions at the December 2021 CNI Virtu.. 4218 03-Nov
Cliff Lynch Roger Schonfeld, "Is Scientific Communi.. 2264 03-Nov
Cliff Lynch EDUCAUSE 2022 Top 10 IT Issues 1482 01-Nov
Paige Pope Theory and Practice of Digital Librarie.. 11K 29-Oct
Cliff Lynch National Strategic Overview for Researc.. 1778 21-Oct
Cliff Lynch Ithaka work on the future of scholarly .. 2381 19-Oct
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CNI at EDUCAUSE 2021 in Philadelphia 6855 19-Oct
Cliff Lynch OECD Workshop on AI and the future of S.. 1522 15-Oct
Paige Pope Library Publishing Forum CFP 17K 12-Oct
Cliff Lynch October 13, 2021 Webinar on Privacy and.. 3250 05-Oct
Cliff Lynch Interesting Reading: PCAST, European Un.. 2886 05-Oct
Paige Pope Reminder: Call for Proposal, CNI Fall '.. 11K 04-Oct
Cliff Lynch "Crest or Trough?" Final Report on ARL/.. 2353 01-Oct
Cliff Lynch National Monument Landscape Audit Report 2357 30-Sep
Cliff Lynch Project JASPER -- preserving OA journal.. 2434 30-Sep
Paige Pope Reminder: Call for Proposals, CNI Fall .. 13K 23-Sep
Cliff Lynch US Copyright Office Session on Machine .. 1507 19-Sep
Cliff Lynch National Security Agency on Quantum Res.. 1318 19-Sep
Cliff Lynch Study of COVID-19 impact on academic pu.. 1429 19-Sep
Cliff Lynch National Academies Toolkit for Fosterin.. 1637 14-Sep
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Proposals, CNI Fall '21 10K 10-Sep
Cliff Lynch WSJ Article on Carnegie Mellon Cloudlab.. 1499 01-Sep
Diane Goldenberg-Hart JCDL 2021 (virtual) Registration 5599 30-Aug
Cliff Lynch Workshop on Analyzing Internet Engineer.. 10K 26-Aug
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CfP: Digital GLAM Spaces 6404 24-Aug
Cliff Lynch PNC 2021 Annual Conference, Sustainable.. 9340 23-Aug
Cliff Lynch OSPOCon (Seattle): Sloan-sponsored regi.. 2264 23-Aug
Cliff Lynch Save the Dates: Fall 2021 CNI Member Me.. 10K 19-Aug
Cliff Lynch Report on June 2021 Executive Roundtabl.. 1554 17-Aug
Diane Goldenberg-Hart BitCurator Users Forum 2021 - Registrat.. 17K 17-Aug
Joan K. Lippincott LSC Open Conversation #6: Making It Wor.. 282K 16-Aug
Diane Goldenberg-Hart International Conference on ICT Enhance.. 9004 12-Aug
Cliff Lynch NIH Seeks Feedback on Access to Control.. 43K 05-Aug
Cliff Lynch Celebrating a Decade of Biodiversity Di.. 309K 04-Aug
Cliff Lynch RFI on AI Research Resource Implementat.. 1657 04-Aug
Cliff Lynch Report from Reducing the Inadvertant Sp.. 1418 04-Aug
Cliff Lynch NIST on AI Trust, AI Risk Management Fr.. 2200 30-Jul
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Library Publishing Directory: Call for .. 21K 23-Jul
Cliff Lynch An amazing achievement: Deepminds prote.. 2242 22-Jul
Cliff Lynch Ithaka S+R launch of streaming video la.. 3536 20-Jul
Joan K. Lippincott LSC Open Conversation #2: Planning and .. 241K 12-Jul
Cliff Lynch Ground Truth Cultural Heritage Data and.. 1525 30-Jun
Cliff Lynch OSTP call for input on improving scient.. 1312 30-Jun
Joan K. Lippincott Learning Spaces Collaboratory Open Conv.. 12K 30-Jun
Cliff Lynch Some interesting reading 9K 30-Jun
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos and slides from the virtual 2021.. 5803 25-Jun
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Bucknell University Digital Scholarship.. 6141 24-Jun
Cliff Lynch Research, Education, and Broadband Publ.. 1437 23-Jun
Cliff Lynch Three key reads: IFLA on Controlled Dig.. 2469 23-Jun
Diane Goldenberg-Hart NDSA 2021 Excellence Awards - Call for .. 24K 15-Jun
Joan K. Lippincott Promoting Inclusive Spaces: EDUCAUSE Qu.. 6001 15-Jun
Cliff Lynch Two new reports 2136 09-Jun
Cliff Lynch Catching up on some additional interest.. 4141 07 Jun, 21
Cliff Lynch Upcoming 6/15 Webinar from PLOS and Pro.. 1158 02 Jun, 21
Cliff Lynch Once again, catching up on some interes.. 6164 02 Jun, 21
Cliff Lynch Report on the State of Digital News Pre.. 7404 20 May, 21
Cliff Lynch Paper: "Platform Accountability through.. 1499 20 May, 21
Cliff Lynch 2030 Future Cybersecurity Scenarios 1011 20 May, 21
Cliff Lynch DFG report: "Data Tracking in Research:.. 1253 20 May, 21
Joan K. Lippincott ACRL 2021 Environmental Scan available 8042 18 May, 21
Diane Goldenberg-Hart New Ways to Engage with the Library Pub.. 9360 07 May, 21
Diane Goldenberg-Hart 2021 Digital Pedagogy Institute - Propo.. 6985 29 Apr, 21
Cliff Lynch Report of Spring 2021 Executive Roundta.. 1466 29 Apr, 21
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CNI Spring '21 Meeting Videos & Slides .. 5929 13 Apr, 21
Cliff Lynch Collecting up some interesting reading .. 4152 12 Apr, 21
Cliff Lynch Final Report on Emerging Technologies f.. 1808 12 Apr, 21
Joan K. Lippincott Virtual Digital Initiatives Symposium 4.. 7943 30 Mar, 21
Cliff Lynch JISC/CNI virtual meeting on future of r.. 2167 29 Mar, 21
Cliff Lynch Next Gen Library Publishing Project on .. 1398 17 Mar, 21
Cliff Lynch OCLC Report on "Total Costs of Stewards.. 1331 16 Mar, 21
Cliff Lynch Internet2 Webinar on Video Content Rete.. 1330 10 Mar, 21
Cliff Lynch Roadmap for the Spring '21 CNI Member M.. 60K 10 Mar, 21
Cliff Lynch 2021 Stanford AI Index 1279 03 Mar, 21
Cliff Lynch International Digital Curation Conferen.. 7924 02 Mar, 21
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Exemplars by 3/15: EDUCAUSE Te.. 16K 02 Mar, 21
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Archiving 2021 Call for Papers 6K 01 Mar, 21
Cliff Lynch Pew Research Center and Elon University.. 2405 28 Feb, 21
Cliff Lynch New Ithaka report on budgets and fundin.. 1432 25 Feb, 21
Diane Goldenberg-Hart LIS Ed & Data Science Fellowships, call.. 20K 25 Feb, 21
Diane Goldenberg-Hart New Book on the Fight to Free Knowledge.. 6565 23 Feb, 21
Cliff Lynch Announcing CNI Spring '21 Plenary Days .. 16K 22 Feb, 21
Joan K. Lippincott New version of Learning Space Rating Sy.. 15K 19 Feb, 21
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Online Copyright classes, Columbia Univ.. 5926 05 Feb, 21
Beth Secrist REMINDER: Proposals due Friday, Februar.. 9820 03 Feb, 21
Cliff Lynch 5th annual DIgital Data in Biodiversity.. 1228 01 Feb, 21
Cliff Lynch New Paper on Research Resilience: Remot.. 1423 01 Feb, 21
Joan K. Lippincott Spotlighting Spaces That Anticipate the.. 210K 01 Feb, 21
Cliff Lynch JISC Research and Innovation Strategy 1334 31 Jan, 21
Cliff Lynch Report from December 2020 Executive Rou.. 1546 29 Jan, 21
Cliff Lynch Research Security Virtual Symposium, Ja.. 728K 21 Jan, 21
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