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Cliff Lynch Octopus Primary Research Record Platfor.. 1681 27-Jun
Cliff Lynch OECD report on integrity and security i.. 2348 22-Jun
Cliff Lynch Symposium on Building Data Resilience t.. 1257 22-Jun
Joan K. Lippincott Designing Libraries IX Conference at Ch.. 26K 14-Jun
Cliff Lynch Ithaka S+R report on A/V content acquis.. 1791 09-Jun
Cliff Lynch European Commission WorldFAIR data init.. 5277 05-Jun
Cliff Lynch IFLA AI Satellite Workshop and Publicat.. 1447 05-Jun
Cliff Lynch Materials from latest AEOLIAN Network W.. 1839 02-Jun
Cliff Lynch Update on Project JASPER: the Keepers R.. 1989 02-Jun
Cliff Lynch Frontier: An Exascale Computing Milesto.. 1320 02-Jun
Cliff Lynch Roundtables on Privacy Preserving Data .. 1524 01-Jun
Cliff Lynch NITRD 30th Anniversary Celebration 1516 01-Jun
Paige Pope Paul Evan Peters Award Nominations Due .. 7082 01-Jun
Cliff Lynch Report on Desirable Characteristics of .. 1783 31-May
Cliff Lynch National Academies Colloquium on Reimag.. 1456 31-May
Paige Pope Proposal Deadline Reminder: Pre-Recorde.. 9256 19-May
Cliff Lynch Developments in quantum resistant crypt.. 2742 13-May
Cliff Lynch National Academies Report: Fostering Re.. 1407 13-May
Cliff Lynch International Conference on the Science.. 1270 13-May
Paige Pope REMINDER Pre-Recorded Project Briefing .. 9K 12-May
Cliff Lynch National Academies Report on Automated .. 2445 12-May
Cliff Lynch Pacific Neighborhood Consortium (PNC) M.. 1564 12-May
Paige Pope Paul Evan Peters Fellowship Reminder 20.. 7509 09-May
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Proposals: CNI Project Briefin.. 9K 28-Apr
Cliff Lynch CNI Project Briefing Video Series Live:.. 27K 27-Apr
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Spring '22 Mtg Videos & Slides: Now Ava.. 10K 19-Apr
Cliff Lynch 2022 EDUCAUSE Horizon Report - Teaching.. 1415 18-Apr
Cliff Lynch RLUK report on Virtual Reading Rooms an.. 3835 18-Apr
Clifford Lynch Call for Nominations: Paul Evan Peters .. 10K 18-Apr
Paige Pope Paul Evan Peters Fellowship Call for Ap.. 26K 13-Apr
Cliff Lynch Video of Spring 2022 Opening Plenary Pa.. 2728 06-Apr
Cliff Lynch Videos from CNI's Spring 22 Virtual Ev.. 8277 06-Apr
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Data & Analytics Horizon Report: Call f.. 8232 05-Apr
Cliff Lynch Roadmap for the Spring 22 CNI Member M.. 58K 14-Mar
Cliff Lynch Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Onli.. 2387 04-Mar
Cliff Lynch Late Addition to CNI March Virtual Meet.. 2364 01-Mar
Clifford Lynch CNI Spring Plenary, Invited & Project B.. 60K 28-Feb
Paige Pope CNI Project Briefing Video Series Propo.. 47K 22-Feb
Cliff Lynch University of San Diego Digital Initiat.. 4018 20-Feb
Paige Pope Reminder: CNI Project Briefing Video Se.. 49K 16-Feb
Paige Pope REMINDER: CNI Mtg Proposals Due on Mond.. 8883 10-Feb
Cliff Lynch Pew Research Center Report: Visions of .. 2078 07-Feb
Paige Pope REMINDER: CNI Mtg Proposals Due in One .. 8757 07-Feb
Cliff Lynch AI for Scientific Discovery Conference,.. 1401 07-Feb
Cliff Lynch Internet 2 completes migration to Next .. 1526 07-Feb
Cliff Lynch Guidelines for Preserving New Forms of .. 3093 07-Feb
Cliff Lynch Update on Developments in Science Natio.. 9731 07-Feb
Cliff Lynch NLM Curation at Scale Virtual Workshop,.. 1380 07-Feb
Paige Pope Reminder: Call for Proposals, CNI Sprin.. 50K 03-Feb
Cliff Lynch Against the Grain special section on pa.. 1848 01-Feb
Cliff Lynch International Digital Curation Conferen.. 2886 27-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CNI Project Briefing Video Series Call .. 9K 27-Jan
Cliff Lynch NIH Research Data Management Developmen.. 3046 27-Jan
Cliff Lynch UK Royal Society on Online Information .. 1422 27-Jan
Cliff Lynch NSF FAIR Open Science Research Coordina.. 2394 27-Jan
Cliff Lynch C2PA Industry Specification for Content.. 2451 27-Jan
Cliff Lynch Open Repositories 2022, Denver, June 6-9 1460 27-Jan
Paige Pope JCDL 2022: Dates & CFP 6744 26-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Applicants & Host Organization.. 26K 25-Jan
Paige Pope Archiving 2022 Dates and Call for Papers 3229 24-Jan
Joan K. Lippincott Digital Strategy - RLUK Digital Shift W.. 8802 21-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Proposals, CNI Spring '22 10K 20-Jan
Cliff Lynch Changes to Pre-Recorded Project Briefin.. 11K 19-Jan
Cliff Lynch Final Videos & Slides from CNI's Fall .. 8867 14-Jan
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos from Fall Mtg & Spring Mtg Dates 10K 22 Dec, 21
Cliff Lynch OECD Workshop on AI and the Productivit.. 1479 17 Dec, 21
Cliff Lynch New ACLS Commission on Future of DIgita.. 1954 17 Dec, 21
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Exemplars by 12/22: Teaching a.. 12K 10 Dec, 21
Cliff Lynch International Digital Curation Conferen.. 1547 08 Dec, 21
Cliff Lynch Catching up on several recent reports 2186 07 Dec, 21
Cliff Lynch Study on scholarly communicaton practic.. 1474 07 Dec, 21
Cliff Lynch Ithaka S+R Report on "Research Cores" (.. 2303 07 Dec, 21
Cliff Lynch Ithaka S+R Report on Big Data Infrastru.. 2317 05 Dec, 21
Cliff Lynch Some valuable new EDUCAUSE materials 2156 05 Dec, 21
Cliff Lynch NITRD: supplement to President's budget.. 4150 05 Dec, 21
Cliff Lynch Pew Foundation Research Center Report ".. 1673 05 Dec, 21
Cliff Lynch Roadmap for the Fall '21 CNI Member Mee.. 51K 29 Nov, 21
CNI CGPLmgr Re: [CNI-ANNOUNCE] FORCE 2021 meeting:.. 26K 23 Nov, 21
Cliff Lynch OCLC Report on Research Information Man.. 1953 22 Nov, 21
Cliff Lynch FORCE 2021 meeting: virtually, Dec 7-9,.. 1377 22 Nov, 21
Cliff Lynch NIST call for information on selected e.. 1361 22 Nov, 21
Cliff Lynch World Digital Preservation Day and DPC'.. 4139 04 Nov, 21
Cliff Lynch Sessions at the December 2021 CNI Virtu.. 4218 03 Nov, 21
Cliff Lynch Roger Schonfeld, "Is Scientific Communi.. 2264 03 Nov, 21
Cliff Lynch EDUCAUSE 2022 Top 10 IT Issues 1482 01 Nov, 21
Paige Pope Theory and Practice of Digital Librarie.. 11K 29 Oct, 21
Cliff Lynch National Strategic Overview for Researc.. 1778 21 Oct, 21
Cliff Lynch Ithaka work on the future of scholarly .. 2381 19 Oct, 21
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CNI at EDUCAUSE 2021 in Philadelphia 6855 19 Oct, 21
Cliff Lynch OECD Workshop on AI and the future of S.. 1522 15 Oct, 21
Paige Pope Library Publishing Forum CFP 17K 12 Oct, 21
Cliff Lynch October 13, 2021 Webinar on Privacy and.. 3250 05 Oct, 21
Cliff Lynch Interesting Reading: PCAST, European Un.. 2886 05 Oct, 21
Paige Pope Reminder: Call for Proposal, CNI Fall '.. 11K 04 Oct, 21
Cliff Lynch "Crest or Trough?" Final Report on ARL/.. 2353 01 Oct, 21
Cliff Lynch National Monument Landscape Audit Report 2357 30 Sep, 21
Cliff Lynch Project JASPER -- preserving OA journal.. 2434 30 Sep, 21
Paige Pope Reminder: Call for Proposals, CNI Fall .. 13K 23 Sep, 21
Cliff Lynch US Copyright Office Session on Machine .. 1507 19 Sep, 21
Cliff Lynch National Security Agency on Quantum Res.. 1318 19 Sep, 21
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