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Cliff Lynch arXiv Accessibility Forum, online, Sept.. 1889 17-Jul
Cliff Lynch OSTP Guidelines on Research Security Po.. 2240 15-Jul
Diane Goldenberg-Hart DLF 2024 Virtual Forum Registration Open 18K 12-Jul
Paige Pope Adam E. Berkowitz and SofŪa Isabel Cres.. 21K 11-Jul
Joan K. Lippincott Registration Open - Designing Libraries.. 139K 01-Jul
Cliff Lynch Final Delux Edition of the ARL/CNI AI a.. 2350 27-Jun
Paige Pope Reminder: CNI Pre-Record CFP Closes Mon.. 6733 20-Jun
Cliff Lynch Livestream of joint US-UK meeting on Sc.. 2317 06-Jun
Cliff Lynch NSF Research Security Enhancements to P.. 1898 06-Jun
Cliff Lynch 19th International Digital Curation Con.. 2008 04-Jun
Paige Pope Reminder: CNI Accepting Proposals for A.. 6488 04-Jun
Cliff Lynch Materials from 2024 Library of Congress.. 1863 29-May
Cliff Lynch UK Royal Society Report on Science and .. 2151 28-May
Paige Pope Call for Proposals CNI August Pre-Recor.. 7932 23-May
Paige Pope CNIís May Pre-Recorded Project Briefing.. 17K 15-May
Cliff Lynch Joint Digital Libraries Conference 2024.. 1683 06-May
Cliff Lynch Report: US Federal Research and Develop.. 1985 06-May
Cliff Lynch ARL/CNI 2035 Scenarios for AI Influence.. 2859 05-May
Cliff Lynch National Academies Webinar Series on Di.. 1915 02-May
Cliff Lynch New Reports on AI and Scientific Discov.. 2876 02-May
Paige Pope All CNI Spring 2024 Videos Live 23K 24-Apr
Paige Pope More CNI Spring 24? Meeting Videos Live 14K 18-Apr
Cliff Lynch Computing Community Consortium Report: .. 2169 18-Apr
Cliff Lynch JISC Report "Mapping Federation Journey.. 2343 18-Apr
Diane Goldenberg-Hart USD's Digital Initiatives Symposium Apr.. 1468K 15-Apr
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Expressions of Interest: Parti.. 8801 09-Apr
Paige Pope CNI Spring Dan Reed Plenary & Conversat.. 8996 04-Apr
Cliff Lynch Dan Cohen: Is Science Becoming Conceptu.. 2137 02-Apr
Paige Pope March 29 Deadline for CNI Pre-Recorded .. 6795 28-Mar
Cliff Lynch JASON report "Safeguarding the Research.. 2209 24-Mar
Paige Pope Paul Evan Peters Award Nominations Due .. 8125 19-Mar
Paige Pope Paul Evan Peters Scholarship Call for A.. 11K 15-Mar
Clifford Lynch Roadmap for CNI Spring 2024 Member Meet.. 36K 14-Mar
Paige Pope Reminder: CNI Accepting Proposals for M.. 6885 13-Mar
Cliff Lynch British Library Report on Cyberattack 3316 09-Mar
Clifford Lynch Call for Nominations: Paul Evan Peters .. 11K 06-Mar
Paige Pope CFP: CNI May 2024 Pre-Recorded Project .. 12K 05-Mar
Cliff Lynch Report "Experts Imagine the Impact of A.. 2322 29-Feb
Cliff Lynch Stanford HAI Paper on "Societal Implica.. 2094 28-Feb
Paige Pope CNIís February Pre-Recorded Project Bri.. 28K 28-Feb
Cliff Lynch Advanced Tech (specifically AI) and the.. 3233 28-Feb
Cliff Lynch Several Recent Government Reports 3175 28-Feb
Cliff Lynch Highlights for Upcoming Spring Member M.. 5372 26-Feb
Paige Pope Archiving 2024 Registration Open 5337 23-Feb
Cliff Lynch LEADING workshop March 27, 2024 in conj.. 3342 20-Feb
Cliff Lynch National AI Research Resource Pilot Web.. 1926 16-Feb
Paige Pope Open Repositories 2024 Registration Open 5527 16-Feb
Paige Pope Deadline Friday for CNI Meeting Proposa.. 12K 06-Feb
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Data Sharing Expenses, ARL Webinar Feb... 8623 31-Jan
Paige Pope Reminder: Call for Proposals, CNI Sprin.. 22K 23 Jan, 24
Cliff Lynch National Academies Report on Facial Rec.. 2202 17 Jan, 24
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Introducing DATALIS - a project explori.. 14K 17 Jan, 24
Cliff Lynch 8th Computational Archival Workshop (De.. 1928 17 Jan, 24
Cliff Lynch 5th National Research Platform Workshop.. 1773 17 Jan, 24
Paige Pope All CNI Fall 23' Videos Live 29K 10 Jan, 24
Paige Pope CNI Spring 2024 Mtg Call for Proposals 25K 09 Jan, 24
Paige Pope Now Live: Five New CNI Meeting Videos 21K 05 Jan, 24
Paige Pope More CNI Fall 23' Meeting Videos Live 30K 03 Jan, 24
Cliff Lynch Carnegie Mellon "Coscientist" - AI Driv.. 2384 20 Dec, 23
Paige Pope Next Set of CNI Mtg Videos Live 30K 20 Dec, 23
Cliff Lynch LIsa Hinchliffe on Licensing Strategies.. 1964 19 Dec, 23
Paige Pope CNI Fall Plenary Videos Ready (2023) 18K 18 Dec, 23
Cliff Lynch National Academies Report "Foundational.. 2405 15 Dec, 23
Paige Pope Deadline Extended: CNI Pre-Record CFP 10K 15 Dec, 23
Cliff Lynch Brian Mathews: CNI as a case study of c.. 2718 08 Dec, 23
Cliff Lynch National Academies Workshop on AI and S.. 2182 08 Dec, 23
Cliff Lynch Scholarly Kitchen on China's Perspectiv.. 2124 08 Dec, 23
Cliff Lynch Report on Infrastructure for Public Acc.. 1899 07 Dec, 23
Cliff Lynch Presentations from 4th Global Research .. 1925 07 Dec, 23
Cliff Lynch AI Alliance Launch Announcement 2785 07 Dec, 23
Cliff Lynch UKRI Report: 50 Emerging Technologies t.. 1881 07 Dec, 23
Cliff Lynch Berkeley CLTC Report "CyberSecurity Fut.. 2380 07 Dec, 23
Paige Pope Reminder CFP: CNI Feb. PB Series 6664 07 Dec, 23
Cliff Lynch Roadmap for CNI Fall '23 Member Meeting 58K 04 Dec, 23
Diane Goldenberg-Hart ARL/CNI Appoint Joint Task Force on Sce.. 11K 30 Nov, 23
Paige Pope CNIís Nov. Pre-Recorded Project Briefin.. 23K 29 Nov, 23
Paige Pope Call for Proposals: CNI Feb. Pre-Record.. 13K 16 Nov, 23
Cliff Lynch NIST SP800-171 Revision 3 Final Draft f.. 2019 14 Nov, 23
Cliff Lynch Lorcan Dempsey, "Generative AI and Libr.. 1873 13 Nov, 23
Cliff Lynch Registration open for International Dig.. 1852 07 Nov, 23
Cliff Lynch Impacts of changes to research data on .. 2206 07 Nov, 23
Clifford Lynch CNI Fall 2023 Plenaries and Sessions 12K 01 Nov, 23
Joan K. Lippincott Designing Libraries X Conference Slides.. 356K 24 Oct, 23
Cliff Lynch Oct 24, In DC or Virtual: Securing our .. 1910 19 Oct, 23
Cliff Lynch Two Important Things from EDUCAUSE 2188 19 Oct, 23
Diane Goldenberg-Hart White House OSTP Open Science Recogniti.. 15K 13 Oct, 23
Paige Pope Deadline Tuesday for CNI Mtg Proposals 5632 05 Oct, 23
Paige Pope CNI at EDUCAUSE 2023 Conference 5647 02 Oct, 23
Cliff Lynch National Academies Workshop on AI and S.. 1314 30 Sep, 23
Cliff Lynch Nature Survey of Scientists on AI and S.. 1135 30 Sep, 23
Cliff Lynch National Academies Report on Workshop o.. 1929 26 Sep, 23
Cliff Lynch EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Generativ.. 1723 26 Sep, 23
Cliff Lynch Oct 19, 2023: National Academies Virtua.. 2019 26 Sep, 23
Cliff Lynch University of Leeds Research Report on .. 1616 26 Sep, 23
Cliff Lynch Draft NIH Scientific Integrity Policy A.. 1326 26 Sep, 23
Cliff Lynch Interesting Nature Commentary on Resear.. 1634 26 Sep, 23
Cliff Lynch Knowledge Exchange report on Alternativ.. 1496 26 Sep, 23
Paige Pope Reminder: Call for Proposals, CNI Fall .. 7981 20 Sep, 23
Paige Pope Reminder: CFP Nov. Pre-Recorded Project.. 6334 13 Sep, 23
Paige Pope CNI Fall 2023 Call for Proposals 17K 07 Sep, 23
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