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Paige Pope CNI at EDUCAUSE 2023 Conference 5647 02-Oct
Cliff Lynch National Academies Workshop on AI and S.. 1314 30-Sep
Cliff Lynch Nature Survey of Scientists on AI and S.. 1135 30-Sep
Cliff Lynch National Academies Report on Workshop o.. 1929 26-Sep
Cliff Lynch EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Generativ.. 1723 26-Sep
Cliff Lynch Oct 19, 2023: National Academies Virtua.. 2019 26-Sep
Cliff Lynch University of Leeds Research Report on .. 1616 26-Sep
Cliff Lynch Draft NIH Scientific Integrity Policy A.. 1326 26-Sep
Cliff Lynch Interesting Nature Commentary on Resear.. 1634 26-Sep
Cliff Lynch Knowledge Exchange report on Alternativ.. 1496 26-Sep
Paige Pope Reminder: Call for Proposals, CNI Fall .. 7981 20-Sep
Paige Pope Reminder: CFP Nov. Pre-Recorded Project.. 6334 13-Sep
Paige Pope CNI Fall 2023 Call for Proposals 17K 07-Sep
Cliff Lynch NIST Report "Cybersecurity for Research.. 1514 31-Aug
Paige Pope Call for Proposals: CNI Nov. Pre-Record.. 9457 31-Aug
Cliff Lynch 4th Global Research Platform Workshop, .. 1502 24-Aug
Cliff Lynch DCN Webinar on Institutional Data Repos.. 4433 24-Aug
Cliff Lynch Digital Infrastructure Insights Fund 20.. 2858 24-Aug
Paige Pope CNIís August Pre-Recorded Project Brief.. 14K 23-Aug
Cliff Lynch Ithaka Report "On Meetings and Members".. 2325 17-Aug
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Invitation: Enabling Open Science with .. 17K 10-Aug
Cliff Lynch 8th Computational Archival Science Work.. 9622 08-Aug
Cliff Lynch 2024 International Digital Curation Con.. 3728 05-Aug
Joan K. Lippincott Designing Libraries Conference Registra.. 18K 25-Jul
Cliff Lynch Ithaka S+R Draft for Comment on Shared .. 1338 19-Jul
Cliff Lynch Ithaka S+R Draft for Comment on Shared .. 1183 19-Jul
Cliff Lynch 2023 AI for Libraries, Archives and Mus.. 4061 12-Jul
Cliff Lynch Symposium on US Federal Public Access P.. 4219 12-Jul
Cliff Lynch NSF Webinars on Research on Research Se.. 3851 10-Jul
Cliff Lynch UK Research and Innovation (URKI) Revie.. 1428 10-Jul
Cliff Lynch New Pew Canvassing Report: Best and Wor.. 2159 28-Jun
Paige Pope Deadline Wednesday CNI Briefing Series 7035 26-Jun
Cliff Lynch NSF Guidelines for Agency Research Secu.. 1741 22-Jun
Cliff Lynch NSF Public Access Plan 2.0 1549 22-Jun
Cliff Lynch Linked Data 2023 Conference: Virtual, J.. 1141 20-Jun
Cliff Lynch CNI Report on Digital Scholarship, data.. 2958 20-Jun
Paige Pope Proposal Deadline Extended: Pre-Recorde.. 7803 16-Jun
Paige Pope Reminder: CFP August Pre-Recorded Proje.. 8349 07-Jun
Cliff Lynch Ecosystem for Research Networking Devel.. 2327 04-Jun
Joan K. Lippincott Digital scholarship, data-intensive, & .. 9095 30-May
Paige Pope Call for Proposals: CNI Pre-Recorded Pr.. 9689 25-May
Paige Pope CNIís May Pre-Recorded Project Briefing.. 17K 23-May
Paige Pope ACM/IEEE JCDL 2023 Ė June 26 - 30, 2023.. 12K 22-May
Cliff Lynch Outputs from the WorldFAIR project 1726 18-May
Cliff Lynch University of Illinois Email Archiving .. 1366 18-May
Cliff Lynch Some Recent Developments in Research Se.. 3886 17-May
Cliff Lynch JISC Report on Optimizing the UK Univer.. 1860 17-May
Cliff Lynch Materials from 2023 LC Designing Storag.. 1885 02-May
Paige Pope CNI Interviews Podcasts Released 10K 01-May
Cliff Lynch Automated AI Driven Technologies at Law.. 1630 27-Apr
Cliff Lynch Digital Twins Studies at the US Nationa.. 3191 27-Apr
Cliff Lynch Spring 2023 Meeting of National Academi.. 2532 27-Apr
Cliff Lynch Video and Presentations from 4th Nation.. 1300 27-Apr
Paige Pope CNI Spring Mtg Videos Live 9K 26-Apr
Joan K. Lippincott Directions in Digital Scholarship - Web.. 11K 26-Apr
Paige Pope Archiving 2023 Dates and Registration 6664 17-Apr
Joan K. Lippincott Designing Libraries for the 21st Centur.. 16K 14-Apr
Paige Pope Theory and Practice of Digital Librarie.. 16K 13-Apr
Joan K. Lippincott Directions in Digital Scholarship Webin.. 10K 11-Apr
Paige Pope CNI Spring 2023 Plenary Videos 11K 10-Apr
Paige Pope Open Repositories 2023 Registration 6863 22 Mar, 23
Paige Pope Deadline Tuesday: Pre-Recorded Briefing.. 7145 17 Mar, 23
Clifford Lynch Roadmap for the Spring '23 CNI Meeting 34K 16 Mar, 23
Cliff Lynch US Copyright Office Guidance on Works c.. 2041 15 Mar, 23
Diane Goldenberg-Hart 2023 Copley Library's Digital Initiativ.. 123K 14 Mar, 23
Paige Pope Reminder: CFP May Pre-Recorded Project .. 8073 07 Mar, 23
Cliff Lynch Generative AI and Copyright Law -- Cong.. 1469 02 Mar, 23
Cliff Lynch US National Cybersecurity Strategy 1597 02 Mar, 23
Cliff Lynch A Blueprint for Building National Compu.. 1596 02 Mar, 23
Paige Pope CNI Spring 2023 Meeting Program 7850 28 Feb, 23
Paige Pope Call for Proposals: May Pre-Recorded Pr.. 9K 23 Feb, 23
Paige Pope CNI Pre-Recorded Project Briefing Serie.. 20K 22 Feb, 23
Cliff Lynch NIH Call for Comments on Plan to Enhanc.. 1485 22 Feb, 23
Clifford Lynch Plenaries at CNI Spring 2023 Meeting 15K 21 Feb, 23
Paige Pope Deadline Tuesday for CNI Mtg Proposals 7565 09 Feb, 23
Joan K. Lippincott Designing Libraries conference slides n.. 20K 09 Feb, 23
Diane Goldenberg-Hart LIS Ed & Data Science (LEADING) 2023 Ca.. 31K 02 Feb, 23
Paige Pope Reminder: Call for Proposals, CNI Sprin.. 9565 30 Jan, 23
Cliff Lynch OSTP Request for Information: Digital A.. 1630 26 Jan, 23
Cliff Lynch Sloan Foundation call for letters of in.. 1818 25 Jan, 23
Cliff Lynch White House Fact Sheet on Open and Equi.. 1907 25 Jan, 23
Cliff Lynch OSTP Framework for Strengthening Federa.. 1541 25 Jan, 23
Cliff Lynch Contribute to a Compendium on Research .. 3321 19 Jan, 23
Paige Pope CNI Call for Proposals, Spring 2023 11K 18 Jan, 23
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Videos & Slides from CNI's Fall í22 Mtg 8682 10 Jan, 23
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CNI Fall '22 Plenary Videos 7583 20 Dec, 22
Cliff Lynch 4th National Research Platform Workshop.. 1661 20 Dec, 22
Cliff Lynch Presentations from 3rd Global Research .. 2898 19 Dec, 22
Cliff Lynch Recordings of Aeolian Workshop 5 (Nov 2.. 1936 19 Dec, 22
Cliff Lynch Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, .. 1591 19 Dec, 22
Diane Goldenberg-Hart CfP: Lessons for Librarians in Open Sci.. 14K 16 Dec, 22
Joan K. Lippincott ACRL webinar series: Programming Librar.. 8147 15 Dec, 22
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Exemplars by Jan. 6: Teaching .. 13K 09 Dec, 22
Paige Pope Open Repositories 2023, June 12-15 6515 30 Nov, 22
Cliff Lynch Roadmap for the Fall '22 CNI Member Mee.. 32K 29 Nov, 22
Paige Pope Deadline Wednesday: CNI Project Briefin.. 6761 28 Nov, 22
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Lynch & Lippincott IATUL Keynotes - Vid.. 7654 17 Nov, 22
Cliff Lynch COGR Report on Research Security and th.. 1556 16 Nov, 22
Cliff Lynch NIST draft report on De-Identifying Gov.. 1330 16 Nov, 22
Cliff Lynch CNI Dec. 2022 Meeting Program 9K 11 Nov, 22
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