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CNI-ANNOUNCE -- News from the Coalition for Networked Information
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Paige Pope CNI’s May Pre-Recorded Project Briefing.. 17K 15-Tou
Cliff Lynch Joint Digital Libraries Conference 2024.. 1683 06-Tou
Cliff Lynch Report: US Federal Research and Develop.. 1985 06-Tou
Cliff Lynch ARL/CNI 2035 Scenarios for AI Influence.. 2859 05-Tou
Cliff Lynch National Academies Webinar Series on Di.. 1915 02-Tou
Cliff Lynch New Reports on AI and Scientific Discov.. 2876 02-Tou
Paige Pope All CNI Spring 2024 Videos Live 23K 24-Huh
Paige Pope More CNI Spring 24? Meeting Videos Live 14K 18-Huh
Cliff Lynch Computing Community Consortium Report: .. 2169 18-Huh
Cliff Lynch JISC Report "Mapping Federation Journey.. 2343 18-Huh
Diane Goldenberg-Hart USD's Digital Initiatives Symposium Apr.. 1468K 15-Huh
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Call for Expressions of Interest: Parti.. 8801 09-Huh
Paige Pope CNI Spring Dan Reed Plenary & Conversat.. 8996 04-Huh
Cliff Lynch Dan Cohen: Is Science Becoming Conceptu.. 2137 02-Huh
Paige Pope March 29 Deadline for CNI Pre-Recorded .. 6795 28-Maa
Cliff Lynch JASON report "Safeguarding the Research.. 2209 24-Maa
Paige Pope Paul Evan Peters Award Nominations Due .. 8125 19-Maa
Paige Pope Paul Evan Peters Scholarship Call for A.. 11K 15-Maa
Clifford Lynch Roadmap for CNI Spring 2024 Member Meet.. 36K 14-Maa
Paige Pope Reminder: CNI Accepting Proposals for M.. 6885 13-Maa
Cliff Lynch British Library Report on Cyberattack 3316 09-Maa
Clifford Lynch Call for Nominations: Paul Evan Peters .. 11K 06-Maa
Paige Pope CFP: CNI May 2024 Pre-Recorded Project .. 12K 05-Maa
Cliff Lynch Report "Experts Imagine the Impact of A.. 2322 29-Hel
Cliff Lynch Stanford HAI Paper on "Societal Implica.. 2094 28-Hel
Paige Pope CNI’s February Pre-Recorded Project Bri.. 28K 28-Hel
Cliff Lynch Advanced Tech (specifically AI) and the.. 3233 28-Hel
Cliff Lynch Several Recent Government Reports 3175 28-Hel
Cliff Lynch Highlights for Upcoming Spring Member M.. 5372 26-Hel
Paige Pope Archiving 2024 Registration Open 5337 23-Hel
Cliff Lynch LEADING workshop March 27, 2024 in conj.. 3342 20-Hel
Cliff Lynch National AI Research Resource Pilot Web.. 1926 16-Hel
Paige Pope Open Repositories 2024 Registration Open 5527 16-Hel
Paige Pope Deadline Friday for CNI Meeting Proposa.. 12K 06-Hel
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Data Sharing Expenses, ARL Webinar Feb... 8623 31-Tam
Paige Pope Reminder: Call for Proposals, CNI Sprin.. 22K 23-Tam
Cliff Lynch National Academies Report on Facial Rec.. 2202 17-Tam
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Introducing DATALIS - a project explori.. 14K 17-Tam
Cliff Lynch 8th Computational Archival Workshop (De.. 1928 17-Tam
Cliff Lynch 5th National Research Platform Workshop.. 1773 17-Tam
Paige Pope All CNI Fall 23' Videos Live 29K 10-Tam
Paige Pope CNI Spring 2024 Mtg Call for Proposals 25K 09-Tam
Paige Pope Now Live: Five New CNI Meeting Videos 21K 05-Tam
Paige Pope More CNI Fall 23' Meeting Videos Live 30K 03-Tam
Cliff Lynch Carnegie Mellon "Coscientist" - AI Driv.. 2384 20-Jou
Paige Pope Next Set of CNI Mtg Videos Live 30K 20-Jou
Cliff Lynch LIsa Hinchliffe on Licensing Strategies.. 1964 19-Jou
Paige Pope CNI Fall Plenary Videos Ready (2023) 18K 18-Jou
Cliff Lynch National Academies Report "Foundational.. 2405 15-Jou
Paige Pope Deadline Extended: CNI Pre-Record CFP 10K 15-Jou
Cliff Lynch Brian Mathews: CNI as a case study of c.. 2718 08-Jou
Cliff Lynch National Academies Workshop on AI and S.. 2182 08-Jou
Cliff Lynch Scholarly Kitchen on China's Perspectiv.. 2124 08-Jou
Cliff Lynch Report on Infrastructure for Public Acc.. 1899 07-Jou
Cliff Lynch Presentations from 4th Global Research .. 1925 07-Jou
Cliff Lynch AI Alliance Launch Announcement 2785 07-Jou
Cliff Lynch UKRI Report: 50 Emerging Technologies t.. 1881 07-Jou
Cliff Lynch Berkeley CLTC Report "CyberSecurity Fut.. 2380 07-Jou
Paige Pope Reminder CFP: CNI Feb. PB Series 6664 07-Jou
Cliff Lynch Roadmap for CNI Fall '23 Member Meeting 58K 04-Jou
Diane Goldenberg-Hart ARL/CNI Appoint Joint Task Force on Sce.. 11K 30-Mar
Paige Pope CNI’s Nov. Pre-Recorded Project Briefin.. 23K 29-Mar
Paige Pope Call for Proposals: CNI Feb. Pre-Record.. 13K 16-Mar-23
Cliff Lynch NIST SP800-171 Revision 3 Final Draft f.. 2019 14-Mar-23
Cliff Lynch Lorcan Dempsey, "Generative AI and Libr.. 1873 13-Mar-23
Cliff Lynch Registration open for International Dig.. 1852 07-Mar-23
Cliff Lynch Impacts of changes to research data on .. 2206 07-Mar-23
Clifford Lynch CNI Fall 2023 Plenaries and Sessions 12K 01-Mar-23
Joan K. Lippincott Designing Libraries X Conference Slides.. 356K 24-Lok-23
Cliff Lynch Oct 24, In DC or Virtual: Securing our .. 1910 19-Lok-23
Cliff Lynch Two Important Things from EDUCAUSE 2188 19-Lok-23
Diane Goldenberg-Hart White House OSTP Open Science Recogniti.. 15K 13-Lok-23
Paige Pope Deadline Tuesday for CNI Mtg Proposals 5632 05-Lok-23
Paige Pope CNI at EDUCAUSE 2023 Conference 5647 02-Lok-23
Cliff Lynch National Academies Workshop on AI and S.. 1314 30-Syy-23
Cliff Lynch Nature Survey of Scientists on AI and S.. 1135 30-Syy-23
Cliff Lynch National Academies Report on Workshop o.. 1929 26-Syy-23
Cliff Lynch EDUCAUSE Horizon Action Plan: Generativ.. 1723 26-Syy-23
Cliff Lynch Oct 19, 2023: National Academies Virtua.. 2019 26-Syy-23
Cliff Lynch University of Leeds Research Report on .. 1616 26-Syy-23
Cliff Lynch Draft NIH Scientific Integrity Policy A.. 1326 26-Syy-23
Cliff Lynch Interesting Nature Commentary on Resear.. 1634 26-Syy-23
Cliff Lynch Knowledge Exchange report on Alternativ.. 1496 26-Syy-23
Paige Pope Reminder: Call for Proposals, CNI Fall .. 7981 20-Syy-23
Paige Pope Reminder: CFP Nov. Pre-Recorded Project.. 6334 13-Syy-23
Paige Pope CNI Fall 2023 Call for Proposals 17K 07-Syy-23
Cliff Lynch NIST Report "Cybersecurity for Research.. 1514 31-Elo-23
Paige Pope Call for Proposals: CNI Nov. Pre-Record.. 9457 31-Elo-23
Cliff Lynch 4th Global Research Platform Workshop, .. 1502 24-Elo-23
Cliff Lynch DCN Webinar on Institutional Data Repos.. 4433 24-Elo-23
Cliff Lynch Digital Infrastructure Insights Fund 20.. 2858 24-Elo-23
Paige Pope CNI’s August Pre-Recorded Project Brief.. 14K 23-Elo-23
Cliff Lynch Ithaka Report "On Meetings and Members".. 2325 17-Elo-23
Diane Goldenberg-Hart Invitation: Enabling Open Science with .. 17K 10-Elo-23
Cliff Lynch 8th Computational Archival Science Work.. 9622 08-Elo-23
Cliff Lynch 2024 International Digital Curation Con.. 3728 05-Elo-23
Joan K. Lippincott Designing Libraries Conference Registra.. 18K 25-Hei-23
Cliff Lynch Ithaka S+R Draft for Comment on Shared .. 1338 19-Hei-23
Cliff Lynch Ithaka S+R Draft for Comment on Shared .. 1183 19-Hei-23
Cliff Lynch 2023 AI for Libraries, Archives and Mus.. 4061 12-Hei-23
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