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Subject: Preservation & Access SIG (PA-SIG) meeting Austin TX Jan 11-13, 2012
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2011 18:38:31 -0400
Preservation & Access SIG (PA-SIG) meeting Austin TX Jan 1
The newly reorganized Preservation and Access Special Interest Group (PA-SIG), which has played a vital role as a forum for conversations and collaborations among industry, higher education, and cultural memory organizations, is having its semi-annual meeting in Austin, Texas on January 11-13. Meeting information can be found at

I also include some information below from Art Pasquinelli of Oracle, a long-time leader at PA-SIG.

Clifford Lynch
Director, CNI

Please Save the Date for the next Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) semi-annual meeting January 11-13, 2012 at the University of Texas, Austin!

I apologize for the late notice, but you will be receiving more details on website registration, cost, the draft agenda, the make-up of the Board of Directors, and thoughts from the new President, Tom Cramer of Stanford, in the next few days. There will be an introductory session at the beginning of the conference. This will be followed by 1) practical presentations by cross-industry Preservation practitioners, 2) requested talks from vendor visionaries on industry trends, 3) and workshops on important topics.  We expect to have a strong focus on both Research and Media and Broadcast content.

Sponsorships: Please contact me directly and/or Tom Cramer ( asap if your organization would like to be an event sponsor. We will be doing sponsorships on an event basis going forward. Sponsorship is open to any organization - based on approval by the Board - since PASIG is an independent group.

Pre-PASIG Oracle SAM User Group: Based on popular demand, there will be a free, separate session on Oracle's Storage Archive Manager (SAM) hierarchical storage management application on Tuesday January 10, prior to PASIG. This is an independent, piggyback event being organized by Oracle, but has been of keen interest to a lot of PASIG attendees involved in tiered architecture development. Key SAM product team members will be presenting and listeningat the all-day conference. Please contact me ( asap if you are thinking of attending, so we can estimate interest and hone the agenda.

Art Pasquinelli | Solutions Specialist
Digital Libraries, Repositories, and Preservation
Phone +1 650 607 0035 | Mobile: +1 650 430 2441
Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group;
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