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Subject: Video: The Digital Preservation Network: Report on DPN’s Architecture, System & Service Model
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The Digital Preservation Network: A Report and Discussion on DPN’s Emerging Architecture, System Protocol & Service Model, a project briefing from CNI's spring 2013 member meeting by Tom Cramer and James Simon of Stanford University, is now available on CNI's video channels:

The Digital Preservation Network (DPN) is a nationwide initiative to create a preservation backbone for digital information of interest to the academy. DPN comprises a handful of large-scale preservation repositories, which together form a heterogeneous network of secure, trustworthy digital archives, each operated under diverse geographical, organizational, financial, and technical regimes. Robust (bit) auditing and repair functions ensure the integrity and security of content over time. Intellectual property agreements among depositors, repositories and the university members of the Network ensure succession of rights to use content in the event of the dissolution of the original depositor or archive. Since late 2012, a technical team from the five initial nodes has been working on an initial implementation of the network. This presentation describes that group’s work, which includes basic design principles, functional requirements and system specifications; the Network’s high level architecture and protocols for content replication and auditing; and framing of detailed service and policy questions that will drive the Network’s overall design and operation.

More information is available at

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To see all videos available from CNI, visit CNI on YouTube ( and on Vimeo (

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