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Subject: Register now for October 20th LSC Webinar: Spaces that have a Role in Preparing Students for Productive and Meaningful Lives
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Dear cni-announce subscribers,
You'll find many examples of interest in the nest Learning Spaces Collaboratory webinar. This one explores why physical spaces aew still important in learning, among other questions. There is a fee for registration - see below.
--Joan Lippincott, CNI


Join us for the LSC Webinar Making the Case: Spaces that have a Role in Preparing Students for Productive and Meaningful Lives on October 20th at 3:30pm EDT. 

Note that a recording of the webinar is available for all registered participants if you cannot join us in real-time.
Skidmore College: Spaces for experiencing the power of art in the process of learning
We will be exploring some audacious questions about why place-based learning matters and sharing stories from campuses giving students campus-based experiences through which they become, practice becoming. Some audacious questions we will be exploring:
·         In a time when information can be accessed, examined, shared, and translated into practice virtually, beyond boundaries of time, place, why do physical spaces matter to the undergraduate learning experience?
·         What is it that we want our undergraduate learners to become that is enabled by “in-the-present, in the space” interactions in which students are actively engaged in a social and supportive community?
·         What are the attributes, the affordances of spaces that “work” in the service of robust learning?
James Madison University: One of the many makerspaces now being established around the JMU campus
The October LSC webinar will present stories from four campuses that explore these questions and offer advice for planning teams—be they architects or academics.
Georgia Institute of Technology: A practice room for problem-driven learning pedagogies
Join us in thinking about how a black box theater, a fine arts museum, campus-wide networks of makerspaces, a green roof classroom, problem-solving studios can contribute to a campus ecosystem of learning spaces for your community of learners.
Texas A&M University: An unexpected space for learning on the TAMU campus
Jeanne L. Narum
The Independent Colleges Office, Director
Learning Spaces Collaboratory, Principal
D: (202) 256-8872

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