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Subject: Bucknell U. Digital Scholarship Conference d- call for proposals
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 14:04:54 -0400
The 3d annual digital scholarship conference to be held at Bucknell University, has just issued a call for proposals. The topics, listed below should elicit some interesting proposals from CNI member institutions and others.
--Joan Lippincott, CNI

#BUDSC16: Negotiating Borders through Digital Collaboration

Bucknell University, with support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, will host its third annual digital scholarship conference on October 28-30, 2016. The theme of the conference is “Negotiating Borders through Digital Collaboration.” 

This conference will bring together a broad community of practitioners--faculty, researchers, librarians, educational technologists, and students--who are using technology to rethink seemingly intractable borders within and outside of the university. We define “borders” as boundaries that limit access; conditions that differentiate insiders from outsiders; or any obstacle that impairs open communication and collaboration.

We invite proposals that explore or critique digital modes of scholarly, cultural, and political intersectionality. Special consideration will be given to proposals that demonstrate how crossing institutional boundaries, whether within or beyond the university, can facilitate the expansion of borders, broadly conceived.

Some topics may include:

  • Digital tools that bridge the gap between scholarship and teaching
  • Computational methods that explore intersections of identity, power, and social justice
  • Global and multilingual aspects of digital scholarship
  • The role of technology in creating communities of practice that bridge cultural, racial, and economic divides
  • Digital technologies that facilitate equitable collaborations between faculty and students, or that bridge the town/gown divide
  • New modes of inquiry that negotiate and rethink normative ideas of gender and sexuality
  • Forms of digital scholarship that allow for increased accessibility

Presentations may take the form of interactive presentations, project demos, electronic posters, panel discussions, work-in-progress sessions, workshops, or lightning talks.

We look forward to building on the success of the last two years, in which instructional technologists, librarians, archivists, faculty, students, and community members came together to discuss challenges, share working models, reflect on projects, and inspire new avenues for actively including students in public scholarly pursuits. For more information, please view our video from the 2015 meeting and visit the conference website.

Proposals due May 31, 2016 via the online application form.



Param Bedi
Vice President
Library and Information Technology
Bucknell University

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