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Two new videos from CNI’s fall membership meeting are now online:

Institutional Learning Analytics: How Can Academic Libraries Connect? by Megan Oakleaf (Syracuse) and Malcolm Brown (EDUCAUSE), provides a summary of the general definitions, concepts, and perspectives integral to institutional learning analytics initiatives, as well as a synopsis of current learning analytics efforts at the institutional level.

Expanding Research Data Services includes two presentations: “More Than Data Management Plans: Exploring New Outreach Opportunities Through Expanded Research Data Services” recounts Georgia State University Library's team and services that support research and data literacy across multiple disciplines involving quantitative, qualitative, business and spatial/GIS data, and “Bigger on the Inside: Integrating Research Data Services in Campus-Wide Research Networks” discusses efforts by the University of Virginia Library’s Research Data Services to collaborate with a growing number of partners to unify expertise and support for data- and computationally-intensive approaches to a wide range of disciplines.

Previously-released videos from this meeting:

-Digitized Manuscripts

-DRASTIC Measures: Digital Repository at Scale that Invites Computation

-Preserving Federal Electronic Records: Implementing a New Electronic Records Archive at the National Archives and Records Administration

-Yours, Mine, or Ours? The Freedom of Information Act Archive: Making the Transition from Faculty Project to Community Resource

-Stewardship of the Digital Scholarly Record & of Each Nation’s Published HeritagePeter Burnhill (University of Edinburgh) et al

-Building the Better Ebook and Beyond, Alex Humphries (JSTOR) et al

-Reference Rot in Scholarly Communication: A Reliable Quantification and a Proposed Solution, Martin Klein of Los Alamos National Laboratory

-Migrating Library Collections and Operations to Linked Data, Carl Stahmer and Mackenzie Smith, University of California, Davis

-The HathiTrust Research Center: It Takes a Village, Mike Furlough (HathiTrust) et al

-Scholars@Cornell: Visualizing the Scholarly Record, Sandy Payette & Muhammad Javed (Cornell)
-After the Harvest: Preservation, Access, and Research Services for the 2016 End of Term Web Archive, Jefferson Bailey (Internet Archive), Abbie Grotke (Library of Congress), Mark Phillips (University of North Texas)

-Documenting the Now: Supporting Scholarly Use and Preservation of Social Media Content, Ed Summers (University of Maryland)

-The Cost of Open Access to Journals: Pay It Forward Project Findings, MacKenzie Smith (University of California, Davis)

-Makerspaces, Virtual Reality, The Internet of Things at alia Stories, Karim Boughida, Angelica Ferria, Deborah Mongeau (University of Rhode Island), Brian Mathews (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), Brian Jepson (O'Reilly Media), Carl Grant (University of Oklahoma)

-Closing session (includes special briefing by Robert Kahn) by Ben Shneiderman: The New ABCs of Research: Achieving Breakthrough Collaborations

-Clifford Lynch’s opening plenary address: CNI's Evolving Agenda 2016-17: Research Library Roles & Collaborations, Stewardship of the Cultural Record, Scholarly Communications and More

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