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Subject: Videos: Digitizing Paleontology & Scholarly Communication Orphans
Date: Tue, 23 May 2017 14:15:00 -0400
Two new videos from CNI’s spring membership meeting have been posted:

-To the Rescue of the Orphans of Scholarly Communication, Herbert Van de Sompel and Martin Klein (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Michael L. Nelson (Old Dominion University)
Scholars have started using a wide variety of online portals which exist outside of the established scholarly publishing system (, SlideShare, etc.) to conduct aspects of their research and to convey research results. Whereas initiatives such as LOCKSS and Portico have emerged to make sure that the output of the established scholarly publishing system gets archived, no comparable efforts exist for scholarly artifacts deposited in these online platforms. This video describes how these scholarly orphans could be archived. 

-Collaborating to Digitize Paleontological Collections at the University of Wyoming, Chad Hutchens, University of Wyoming
Academic libraries and museums are increasingly collaborating on digitization, metadata aggregation, and data management to offer access to objects that rarely see the light of day in many small museums. The University of Wyoming Libraries and the UW Geological Museum have been working together to make physical objects (largely vertebrate fossils) available in 3D formats to anyone with an internet connection.

Also from this meeting, released previously:

-Virtual Reality in the Trenches: Addressing the Preservation Challenges of Virtual Reality for Scholarship, Zack Lischer-Katz and Matt Cook, University of Oklahoma

-Online Scientific Reference Sample Collections and Shared Linked Data for Heritage Science and Related Disciplines, Fenella France, Library of Congress

-From Theory to Practice: Leading the Way with Learning Data Principles, Jenn Stringer, University of California at Berkeley

-Protect Researcher Privacy in the Surveillance Era, Sam Kome, Claremont Colleges

-Advancing Accessibility through Libraries, Laura Wood (Tufts), Joseph (Jody) Combs (ARL/Vanderbilt), Beth Sandore Namachchivaya (UIUC) 

-A CAVEkiosk in the Library: The At-Risk Cultural Heritage and the Digital Humanities UC Catalyst Grant, Declan Fleming (UCSD)

-Building Data Refuge: From Bucket Brigade to Sustainable Action, Panelists from U. Penn, Georgetown, Temple, U. Michigan

-The Role of Academic Libraries in an Era of Fake News, Alternative Facts, and Information Overload, Donald A. Barclay (University of California, Merced)

-Ithaka S+R US Library Survey 2016, Roger C. Schonfeld (Ithaka S+R)

-Data Integrity for Librarians, Archivists, and Criminals: What We Can Steal from Bitcoin, BitTorrent, and Usenet, Jeffrey Spies (Center for Open Science)

-Institutional Repository Strategies: What We Learned at the Executive Roundtables, Clifford Lynch (CNI)

-Fresh Perspectives on the Future of University-Based Publishing, Amy Brand (The MIT Press)
-What Today’s Students Have Taught Us, Alison J. Head (Project Information Literacy)

Look for more announcements soon of other video offerings from the spring 2017 CNI meeting ( To see all videos produced by CNI, visit our video channels on YouTube ( and Vimeo (

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