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Subject: MIT Draft of Grand Challenges Research Agenda for Scholarly Communications
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2018 13:23:52 -0400
in March 2018 MIT hosted a series of meetings (one of which I was
fortunate to be able to participate in) to develop an ambitious
research agenda for scholarly communications. I want to stress the
focus here was on research questions that could help to shape the
future of scholarly communications, rather than an agenda for scholarly
communications proper. The draft white paper emerging from  these
meetings is now available at

for public review and comment. I've reproduced a more detailed
announcement below, which also contains information on how to propose
changes to the document or otherwise provide comments and feedback.
Note that if you want to comment, you can sign up for a PubPub account
(see below) using the link in the upper right of the page containing
the draft.

Clifford Lynch
Director, CNI


Draft Report  & Call for comments:

A Grand-Challenges Based Research Agenda for Scholarly Communication
and Information Science

Participants in the Mellon funded Grand Challenges Summit hosted at MIT
in March of 2018 have written a DRAFT white paper identifying selected
grand challenges related to information science and scholarly
communication. During October 10-31 all interested parties are
encouraged to actively engage in this iterative research and writing
process to generate a usable set of recommendations that reflects a
broad perspective. Your participation, comments, and contributions are
needed before a final version of the paper can be ready for
dissemination later this year.

A global and multidisciplinary community of stakeholders came together
in March 2018 to identify, scope, and prioritize a common vision for
specific grand research challenges related to information science and
scholarly communications. The participants were both traditional domain
researchers and those who are aiming to democratize scholarship. An
explicit aim of the summit was to identify research needs related to
barriers in the development of scalable, interoperating, socially
beneficial, and equitable systems for scholarly information; and to
explore the development of non-market approaches to governing the
scholarly ecosystem.

This DRAFT white paper reflects the outcomes of the March 2018
discussions and the paper will improve when a wider community actively
contributes too. In order to embody the grand challenges themselves,
and open the conversation to a wider range of perspectives, you and
your community are encouraged to participate in this online writing
process. The scholarly eco-system can be improved if communities work
toward a set of common goals and your expertise, knowledge, and
contributions, will make this a stronger set of recommendations.

To participate in the public comment period, please create a free
account on PubPub, an open publishing platform for publishing that will
allow for a robust conversation directly on the DRAFT white paper. (For
confidential comments, or to request to edit a section directly, please
use ) Please help share this announcement
about the October 10th to October 31st public comment period as widely
as possible. All author contributions will be recognized in the final


Micah Altman & Chris Bourg

On behalf of the program committee,
Micah Altman, Christine Borgman, Chris Bourg, Sayeed Choudhury, Charles
Henry, Abby Smith Rumsey, Ethan Zuckerman
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