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Subject: New version of Learning Space Rating System (LSRS)
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 2021 10:27:30 -0500
Many CNI member institutions will be interested in this new version of the Learning Space Rating System (LSRS), put together by a highly experienced team. The LSRS "provides a set of measurable criteria to assess how well the design of classrooms supports and enables multiple modalities of learning and teaching, especially that of active learning.” An important update to earlier versions is a dedicated section on inclusion, which "takes a more systematic and thorough approach with a new framework that addresses physiological, cognitive, and cultural inclusion” compared with earlier versions. Many of the criteria described in those sections are highly relevant to library spaces, too. More information and a link to the website is below.
— Joan Lippincott, Associate Executive Director Emerita, CNI

The Learning Space Rating System Team Members proudly announce the release of the LSRS 3.0. The LSRS v3 page is live at 
The Learning Space Rating System (LSRS), in its third edition since 2014, continues to provide a framework to measure the potential performance of learning spaces—that is, to assess what activities physical spaces enable learners and instructors to do in them. This latest version of the LSRS serves as a way to measure progress toward designing flexible and inclusive learning spaces that support multiple modalities of learning and teaching. We hope that it also provides the higher education community with a common language and method to document and share best practices in pursuit of that goal. 
LSRS Team Members:
  • Barbara Brandt, Emory University
  • Malcolm Brown, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative
  • Shirley Dugdale, Dugdale Strategy, LLC
  • Adam Finkelstein, McGill University
  • Richard Holeton, Stanford University
  • Julie Johnston, Indiana University
  • Crystal Ramsay, Penn State University
  • Robert Smith, Stanford University

 A special thanks to Kathe Pelletier, Director of the EDUCAUSE Teaching and Learning Program, for her role in supporting this new version and rollout to the Educause community.  Thank you also to the Educause IT team for their work on the preparation of the content for the web.

There will be some planned events and opportunities to discuss the variety of changes and additions to this new version.  For the first time, we are providing a set of research sources, organized by LSRS section, that have informed our development of the Intent, Criteria, and Approaches and considerations for each credit. We hope that experts and practitioners from the community will continue to help us refine and enhance these resources, as well as the LSRS instrument itself. Whether you’re new to the LSRS or a returning user, we invite you to share your experiences. 


Joan K. Lippincott, Ph.D.

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