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From: Cliff Lynch <>
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Subject: An amazing achievement: Deepminds protein folding prediction database
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 00:40:45 -0400
As a measure of how vastly information technology, computational methods, big data, and machine learning are transforming research practice, I invite readers to consider the following amazing achievement. DeepMinds, an AI-focused subsidiary of Google (Alphabet), has been developing an extremely accurate program to predict protein folding configurations, a notoriously difficult computational problem. Today they released a database that essentially captured their predictions for almost all known human proteins (about 350,000 of them) plus similar data for a number of other highly studied reference organisms such as the e. coli bacterium. The database, as I understand it, is fully public access, which is wonderful.

This is a major game changer and the implications are hard to fully predict, but I expect they will be striking. They summarized this work in a paper (preprint) in Nature. See

I expect there will be a flurry of media coverage over the next few days. Here are a couple of good early pieces to provide some context:

Clifford Lynch
Director, CNI
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