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From: Cliff Lynch <>
Sender: <>
Subject: Ithaka S+R report on A/V content acquistion strategies
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2022 22:15:46 -0400
Today, Ithaka S+R issued a very informative report on academic library acquisition strategies for video and audio materials. This has been a slowly developing crisis prior to the pandemic, and emerged as a massive challenge in supporting the move to online instruction and research during the pandemic; CNI heard a great deal about these problems during our executive roundtables over the past few years. At the most basic level, it frames the profoundly destructive effects of a move from the commerce in objects (perhaps in conjunction with practices such as controlled digital lending) to a licensing regime for digital materials, and provides a very important parallel case study to the unfolding disaster of ebook licensing and libraries.


Clifford Lynch
Director, CNI
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